I had the privilege to participate in General Motors' national General Motors Marketing Internship Program (GMMI).  This program was administered for General Motors by edVenture Partners.  In this program I was a part of the Budget Department.  My duties consisted of managing the budget, keeping track of receipts, purchase reimbursement, payment to vendors/media, and maintenance of a checking account for program funds.  As part of the team I assisted other departments with their work whenever I had down time form the Budget Department.  Other departments included Coordinators, the Research Department, Campaign Development, Report/Presentation Coordinator, Advertising Department and Public Relations.  I worked with Advertising by providing a contact at Clear Channel Radio to arrange on site broadcasting.  I think it was a good lesson on how to work outside of silos in an organization and collaborate toward a common goal.  This is important in maintaining the agility of an enterprise so that it can adapt to current conditions in the market as well as future needs and risks.  I also completed ad hoc assignments from other departments that were overloaded with work and had deadlines.   In the final presentation, I was responsible for giving the oral presentation for the Budget Department. A summary of the skills I developed in this experience are as follows:





​​     The diverse group that I interned with helped me develop invaluable interpersonal skills such as the mutual bond to succeed in a team and friendly spirit.  I learned to cross organizational boundaries and take the initiative to make a difference for the group as a whole, regardless of what my current responsibilities were.  I learned to work with a team in a leadership role, to take charge and deliver tangible results that had a noticeable impact on the overall project.  I learned to be sensitive to other department members needs and assist with their goals in order to maintain a spirit of accomplishment and integrity that encompassed all teams in the group.



​     Communications


     I also learned the value of communicating with diverse groups to accomplish a task, which also fostered professional respect for my colleagues, a value that I utilize in my professional demeanor currently.



​   ​  Project Management



​     ​​In this internship I forged the initial skills I learned when tackling responsibilities in a professional manner that were integral to the functioning of a project timeline.  I learned the importance​ of timeliness when managing a project in order to deliver complete and polished work in final submission format.



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