The United Nations Online Volunteer Program


     I seek opportunities to work through the United Nations Online Volunteer Program (UNV).  I believe in helping others on a scale that can impact communities all over the world as well as my own.  I enjoy employing my skills for the good of others in sophisticated roles that make a different in communities all over the world.  I have chosen the UNV  The next two and last entries on this web page are with the UNV and are the descriptions of organizations that I worked with through the UNV.  A description of how the UNV works can be found here.

United Nations Online Volunteer Program and the NKa Foundation


     I was a volunteer assisting an architect from England named Anna Webster market her mud house design in Ghana.  I was assigned to Anna through the NKa Foundation after connecting through the United Nations Online Volunteer Program. The type of mud that is being used in the construction process is common in Ghana and plentiful.  It is a replacement for concrete as concrete is imported and much more expensive than the domestically available mud.  I have included some literature on the project for your viewing to the right.  View valid volunteer certificate here.  Visit Nka Foundation here.


United Nations Online Volunteer Program and the Junior Art Club


     In the past I volunteered through the United Nations Online Volunteer Program with the Junior Art Club.  My responsibilities included outreach to recruit volunteers to move to Ghana and assist with the instruction of extracurricular activities for the youths.  I have presented some of the art club's work below.  Here is the web page for the Junior Art Club.  You may view my valid certificate here.

The Sahara Club


     In the past I worked for a volunteer based organization called the Sahara Club.  This club provides a atmosphere of relaxation, fun and a social environment.  The club is considered a dry club as it is there for assisting with mental health, alcoholism and drug addiction.  It is located in Warren, Ohio.  My role at the Sahara Club was a bookkeeper.

Youngstown State University


     I was a volunteer for Youngstown State University's Pete's Pride program.  I assist with networking and recruitment.  In the past at Youngstown State I was a member of the Alumni Society Outreach and Engagement Committee.  In this position I assisted with events such as cap and gown day, commencement and Crash Day.  You can check out the Penguins here!



The United Nations Online Volunteer Program and the PAAJAF Foundation


          My work with the PAAJAF Foundation as a research analyst has rooted me into virtual work on an international scale.  In this role I have learned to connect with companies in the U.S. and develop a relationship between PAAJAF and various organizations to help communities in Ghana overcome poverty for the youth and women that live there. Click here for my valid volunteer certificate.  Visit PAAJAF for exposure to PAAJAF.

The Salvation Army


     As a volunteer at the Salvation Army, I worked in the office to help with telephone calls and other basic office duties.  I directed calls to the appropriate offce as well as provided information concerning the Salvation Army's Warren office's services.

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